IntuiSec consultants have a wide and varied skillset. Listed below are some of the more common services we provide, if there is a service you are interested in that isn't detailed here, please contact us for a quote.

Risk Management and Assessment

  • Identify and categorise IT related business risks
  • Provide strategic and operational risk overview
  • Map risks to technical and non-technical mitigations
  • Organise mitigations into projects or programs of work
  • Case Study:

    IntuiSec conducted an IT security risk assessment for a utility company. This assessment provided a detailed view of the risk posture to both the company's board and the IT representatives; this allowed the integration of IT security into the company's strategy and the creation of a program of work aiming at implementing mitigations and solutions which address the risks identified.

    Requirements Gathering / Product Selection

  • Gather technical, functional, security and business continuity requirements from the client
  • Perform a financial and functional review of the solutions available and provide an objective recommendation based on TCO and requirements coverage
  • Assist the client's procurement process and manage vendor communications throughout the process
  • Case Study:

    IntuiSec recently assisted a major utility company with the provisioning of solutions for its network and security needs; we gathered their requirements and solution design needs, matched these against what the vendors products delivered, contacted the vendors and organised quotes, negotiated prices with all the vendors and presented our recommendation for approval and purchase to our client's board of architects.

    Security Architecture

  • Aligning IT Security Architecture with Enterprise Architecture, Strategy, Compliance and Risk Management.
  • We combine the inputs from these domains to define structure and behaviour models for information security systems and personal/organisational business units
  • Case Study:

    IntuiSec worked with a utility company to create an IT Security Reference Architecture. This outcome was delivered by performing an assessment of the organisation.s risk posture. Once the risks were identified, we assisted our client with the identification of the risks deemed acceptable and the mitigations required to reach the target end-state. This end-state became the organisation's IT Security Reference Architecture and was complemented by an IT Security Roadmap.

    Solution Design

  • Identification of requirements
  • Guide our client's staff through the solution design process and allow for the appropriate decisions to be made
  • High-level solution designs - concepts, solution description, management, alignment to the organisation's requirements
  • Detailed solution designs - product selection, deployment approach, technology configuration and design decisions
  • Case Study:

    IntuiSec has produced high-level and detailed design documents for multiple clients in Wellington, for various government and private sector companies. Some of these include firewall designs, network designs, web filtering solutions, email filtering solutions, log aggregation solutions, data loss prevention and endpoint security.

    Build and Implementation

  • Build and implementation of security solutions
  • Migrate solutions from legacy to new
  • Upgrade and improve existing solutions and designs
  • As-built documentation set - detailed instructions for re-building the solution from scratch
  • Operational manual and handover - guides for operational staff who will be looking after the solution
  • Case Study:

    IntuiSec has built and implemented the majority of its designs. If a client doesn't have the resources or inclination to perform the implementation themselves, IntuiSec will often be engaged to perform the build of the solutions we've designed

    Solution Design Review

  • IntuiSec conducts both design and security reviews for existing or new solutions
  • Mapping of the original requirements to design decisions made in the design documentation set
  • Alignment of the solution design with our client's business drivers, including functional and security requirements
  • Recommend design changes to improve alignment of the solution with the initial requirements
  • Case Study:

    IntuiSec has performed multiple solution design reviews ranging from complex firewalls and VPN designs, basic remote access solutions to full network solutions. We ensure that the outcome sought is delivered by the design and that the design does not introduce any additional unknown risk into our client's environment