About IntuiSec

We are a consultancy firm that specialises in IT Security and Risk.

As part of our activity, our consultants have provided advice and completed major projects for over 40 different organisations since the company's inception in early 2009. These projects have all been delivered through the passion our consultants have for achieving goals. We essentially do not like maintain the status quo and rather work to achieve ambitious (but realistic) goals that we help our customers set. With this approach, we have taken significant roles within projects that aimed to deliver security roadmaps, security designs, design reviews, solution security certification, security operations processes, architecture frameworks, risk assessments and the implementation or maintenance of security infrastructure components.

On a day to day basis, we advise our customers strategic and technical teams on their most critical issues and opportunities: risk management, solution design, I.T. security operations, organisation of their security and/or risk practice, technology choice, and we are doing this across multiple industries and organisation types. Our approach involves a lot of listening and using what we've understood in combination with our knowledge to generate the outcome we've been tasked with.

We've worked with the majority of the large New Zealand government departments as well as commercial organisations both small and large, and addressed the needs of most of industry types that can be found in New Zealand.

We have taken the stance that our clients' track record with security reflects our efficiency and the value of our work. As a result, we are extremely proud of how our existing customers' I.T. Security and risk practice has evolved to address their organisations' needs.