We have developped standard approaches for the projects our clients request from us. As it has become a standard practice for us, we have perfected our efficiency at performing such activities

Governance & Assurance

Our consultants have assisted a range of government department with their efforts to improve the quality and consistency of their efforts in the domain of I.T. security. As the New Zealand GCIO started to mandate the use of a sound risk framework for large government departments, our activities have ranged from assisting our customers with the implementation of risk management processes, the improvement of existing processes, and the inclusion of security aspects into their existing practice.

Our activities in the realm of governance are largely adapted to the specifics of an organisation's existing position and maturity level and we have both participated in our customer's efforts by defining processes, implementing risk registers and helped getting these governance items adopted and used by their staff.

We have also contribued to our customer's godo governance through more detailed projects such as the execution of a specific process on behalf of our customer's staff. Our consultants have usually been engaged to deliver such work in an effort to bring experience and efficiency and allow projects to hit the ground running.

Please take a look at the following case studies for an overview of the work we've delivered in this space: