We have developped standard approaches for the projects our clients request from us. As it has become a standard practice for us, we have perfected our efficiency at performing such activities

Security and Risk Advice

Our consultants have delivered an ever larger range of risk assessment projects and have provided assistance to multiple customers with their risk management practice. We have especially helped with the inclusion of risk management as a project governance activity and helped our customers' stakeholders understand I.T. security through the point of view of risk management.

We have observed that I.T. security is really obscure for even most of I.T. management staff and it is easy to assume that the situation is even worse for most or our customers' stakeholders. Our consultants have helped bring clarity by addressing the problems of I.T. Security through a risk management approach and have linked most elements of I.T. Security to risks and mitigating controls

We have used this approach and the language of risk management for a range of very specific engagement that aimed to brindge the gap between I.T. Security and Risk Management. This has led our consultants to provide assistance with both the definition and the execution of risk management activities and helped align our customers' Risk Management and I.T. Security practice to align and reach commmon goals.

The work we have performed in this space is bespoke by nature as each one of our customers' have different requirements and approaches to risk management and addressing I.T. Security problems. We have however gathered a small set of case studies that we invite you to take a look at for an overview of our work in the security and risk advice space: