We have developped standard approaches for the projects our clients request from us. As it has become a standard practice for us, we have perfected our efficiency at performing such activities

Solution Design & Build

Our consultants have designed a very large range of solutions for our customers and handed them over to traditional I.T. service provided for their operations.

We have gained a very large experience fostering technical decision making and have done so across a large range of technologies that go from core networking, firewalls, load balancers, web browsing and email security solutions and extend to host based protection technologies

But above and beyond the technologies we've designed, our consultants have developped an acute knowledge of driving a solution design exercise and fostering agreements across both technical resources and I.T. stakeholders

Our consultants have collected experience that allows us to efficiently identify the elements of a solution that require decisions. Essentially our consultants know which aspects of a solution need decisions taken and have an extended experience with collating such decisions in a design document.

While we have predominantly designed network and security solutions, our experience allows us to address the needs for the design of a large range of software and hardware solutions. We usually let our work talk for us so please feel free to have a look at the reference work we present on this web site.

Please take a look at the following case studies for an overview of the work we've delivered in this space: