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Principal Consultant

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About Florent

Over his career as a Security and Risk Consultant, Florent has delivered a wide range of services. From firewalls and network based solutions to bespoke applications, Florent has got to know the fine details of many technologies, how they can be securely operated and how they can be designed ... and broken into. However, above solely becoming an expert in specific technical areas of IT Security, Florent has developed his own ability to identify the value his work brings to an organisation and always seeks to adapt his skills to these work requirements. Between his own business engagements, Florent also leads IntuiSec and helps our other consultants to provide the best technical expertise and value possible to our clients.

Domains of Expertise

Requirement Analysis

Penetration Testing

Risk Identification

Solution Design

Solution Build

Solution Design Review

Penetration Testing

Process Development

Process Adoption

Project Management

Risk Assessment

Project Assurance

Architecture Review

Change Management

Migration Planning

Technical Migration

Personal Interests

When he doesn't work, Florent likes to spend his time operating at fast speeds, either hidden behind a motorbike windscreen or pulled by a kite on the water.