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Senior Consultant

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Coming from a systems engineering background, James has brought to IntuiSec and his clients a straight to the point approach to resolving problems. Having worked across multiple solution design projects, James has assisted our clients through the meanders of technical decisions making, alignment of these decisions to the business end-goal of the project and complex change management processes.
With knowledge about technology ranging from microsoft systems, network devices, web proxies, data loss prevention, antivirus, secure email gateways, secure remote access and authentication solutions, James' technical knowledge allows him to bring a 'no fluff' language to the table and drive design projects through to their completion whilst also ensuring minimum impact to the end users

Domains of Expertise

Requirement Analysis

Solution Design

Solution Build

Change Management

Migration Planning

Technical Migration

Personal Interests

James is hidding a very large music background as he had another life before falling into the I.T. world. Best is to start by asking about struming techniques and let yourself fall into the rabbit hole but make sure this happens over a large enough cup of coffee.